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Nuuk, Greenland's capital, is a small city on the country's southwest coast. Its large fjord system is known for waterfalls, humpback whales and icebergs. The waterfront is dotted with brightly colored houses against the backdrop of Sermitsiaq mountain. 


Illustrated Wall Print By Carla Daly.


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Nuuk 2 | Greenland | Colored Houses | Architecture | Snow | Winter | Carla Daly

    • Product Info-
    • Name: Nuuk 2, Greenland
    • Size: 30 x 30cm, 50 x 50cm , 70 x 70 cm
    • Gift Idea: New Home, Birthday, Retirement, Wedding, New Job, Christmas Gift, 


    Nuuk 2 , Greenland By Irish Artist Carla Daly


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